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06 September 2019

Krishna Janmashtami was Celebrated in LPS Jankipuram on 31.08.2019 with full zeal and enthusiasm by our little angles with parents who were an enthusiastic audience.The program consisted of a Bhajan, Krishna gatha , agroup sng and a group dance by the tiny tots of Nursery and K.G. Certificates of appreciation was distributed to all participants.

Celebration of Independence Day (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

26 August 2019

Lucknow Public School Jankipuram celebrated 73rd Independence Day with great patriotic fervor on 15th August 2019.The program started with the flag hoisting by the Principal Captain. Aparna Tripathi. Flag hosting was followed by the Inter House March Past Competition. Students marched in contingents to the beat of drum while the principal presided over it. After the March past, the group song and dance filled everyone with feeling of Patriotism.

Inter House Mime Competition (LPS JANKIPURAM) (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

23 August 2019

Inter House Mime Competition was organized in the school for the classes IX to XII on 23rd Aug 2019. Theme of the competition was Social Issues. All the houses performed wonderfully and spellbound the audience with their performances. Social issues like Save Girl Child, Acid Attack, Drink and Drive and Respect Parents were highlighted through their acts. The participants depicted all the themes with their magnificent dramatic performance brilliant gestures and body movement.

Inter Class Drawing and Colouring Competition (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

19 August 2019

Inter class drawing and colouring competition was organized in the school for the classes VI, VII and VIII on 6th July 2019 on the topic “VAN MAHOTSAV”. The students enthusiastically took part in the competition. Their paintings were brimming with creativity conveying a strong message – “SAVE TREES”. The competition also enhanced the awareness amongst the students so that they can become future savior of the mother earth.

Inter House Powerpoint Presentation Competition (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

19 August 2019

The competition was organized in the school for the classes IX to X on 12th July 2019. The competition was a good opportunity to display the collaborative efforts of the students from different houses. It brought forth a lovely amalgamation of intelligence, research and creativity. Students not only gathered information on the given topic but also found innovative ways of presenting them.

Inter Class Hindi and English Elocution Competition (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

18 August 2019

The Event was organised in the school for the classes VI to VIII on 27th July 2019. Topic of Hindi Elocution was Kargil Vijay Diwas and English Elocution was Humor in life. The students took part enthusiastically and it was indeed a treat to hear students reciting poems in rhythm. A healthy Competitive spirit enlightened the faces of the students.

Inter House Dance Competition (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

10 August 2019

Inter house dance competition was organized in the school on 10th Aug 2019 for the classes 6 to 8. All the houses participated enthusiastically. Their selection of song and performance filled the audience with the feeling of patriotism. It was very tough competition and the judges found it difficult to select the winners.

Rakhi Making Activity (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

07 August 2019

Rakhi making activity was organized in Primary section of LPS Jankipuram on 7.8 2019 for classes III to V. The festival celebrates the pious bond between brother and sister. Students were asked to bring their own materials for making rakhis. Colourful and creative rachis were made by the students who had used a fusion of modern and traditional styles.

State and its Capital Activity (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

31 July 2019

Inter –class activity on State and its capital was organized in Primary section of LPS, Jankipuram on 31st July 2019 for classes III to V . Every state has many cities. All these cities are special to that state but one city is designated as the capital of the state. The capital city is one from where the government of the state functions. All prominent offices are situated in the capital. India has various states and their capitals. Learning names of capital cities through this activity wa

Hindi Group Singing Competition (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

29 July 2019

Inter-class Hindi group singing competition was organized in Primary section of LPS, Jankipuram on 29th July 2019 for classes I and II. Group singing is an event of singing together . Singing can support children’s learning and emotional development. It encourages children to express their emotions and sharpens their ability to communicate while exercising lip and tongue movement. But one of the biggest benefit of singing is the repeated use of the “memory muscle”.

Hindi Recitation Competition (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

22 July 2019

Inter-class Hindi Recitation was held on 22nd of July 2019 in Primary section of LPS, Jankipuram for classes I and II. It was a group recitation competition. A group of children had prepared rhymes with the help of teachers. They recited the rhymes with proper pronunciation rhyme and rhythm . Through this competition children developed coordination, learned to coordinate in a group with eye expression and proper modulation of voice. It was also an effort to remove stage fright.

Spell Bee Quiz Competition (LPS, Sector-I, Ashiyana)

15 July 2019

The ‘Spell Bee’ was organized in the Primary Section with an objective to help the students to improve their spellings, to increase their vocabulary, to learn concepts and to develop correct English usage for a life time. The students of classes III, IV & V participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The competition comprised of various rounds like to fill in them missing letter, unscramble the jumbled letters, Audio, Visual rounds and rapid fire round. All the rounds of ‘Spell Bee’ created cur

Inter House Web Designing Competition (LPS Sector-D, LDA Colony)

10 July 2019

The students of classes XI and XII participated in the competition. The topics of the competition were: BHARAT HOUSE - Cyber Crime - A Threat To Be Aware Of DHRUV HOUSE - Indian Armed Forces - Pride of Nation EKLAVYA HOUSE - Safety of Women - Need of an Hour KARN HOUSE - Self Management - Pathway to Success The competition created a positive environment amongst the students that urged them to showcase their creativity & skills to their optimum level.

Inter House PowerPoint Presentation Competition (LPS Sector-D, LDA Colony)

05 July 2019

The students of classes IX and X participated in the competition.The teams were allotted only 08 minutes(including intro and conclusion) to display their presentation. All the Houses not only put up great presentations but also found innovative ways of putting them across.The Head Mistress Mrs. Alka Nanda and Mrs. Nisha Srivastava evaluated the presentations on the basis of contents, creative ideas, appearance and communication skills. It was a remarkable show of talent.

Inter House Diary Cover Page Designing Competition (LPS, Sector-F, Jankipuram)

05 July 2019

The competition was organized in the school on 5th July 2019 for the classes 9 to 12. The students came with innovative ideas and expressed them beautifully with pen paper and colours. Students enthusiastically took part in the competition and designed wonderful diary pages.

Lucknow Public School Celebrate Van Mahotsav Week 2019 (LPS, Sector-I, Ashiyana)

01 July 2019

Van Mahotsav is a Week-long festival celebrated in India. This is a festival of life and is usually celebrated between 1st july and 7th july. It was started by Dr. K M Munshi in 1950. He was the Union Minister for Agriculture and Food at that time. The main objective behind starting this movement was to create awareness among people about planting trees and conserving forests. Dr. Munshi wanted people to participate Whole-heartedly just as they would during any other festival.

International Yoga Day Celebration (LPS, Gomti Nagar)

21 June 2019

The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2019 by the staff of Lucknow Public School to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success in one’s life. This was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of discipline. The teachers performed yoga in the morning under the guidance of resource person Ms. Shubhangini Chaturvedi. Everyone got the chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind and body. It also raised awareness amongst all for their good health, well being and happiness.

Lucknow Public School Celebrate Founder Day (LPS, Sector-B, Unnao)

15 May 2019

Founder’s day was celebrated in the school premises to observe the birth anniversary of our worthy founder Revd. C.P.Singh. Special assembly was conducted with a series of various performances as a gesture to recall and remember the hard efforts and vision of C.P. Sir to establish the institution. Subsequently, today we are emerging as one of the most prestigious educational institutes across North India.

Inter House Diary Page Designing Competition (LPS Sector-D, LDA Colony)

15 May 2019

The students of classes IX to XI participated in the competition. Each house was represented by one team comprising of 2 participants each. The diary page designed consisted of elements such as school Logo, school Name, designed by, pictures of school-related activities and other creative elements. The competition created a positive environment amongst the students wherein they were high on spirits and enthusiasm, that urged them to showcase their creativity to their optimum level.

Lucknow Public School Celebrate Mother Day (LPS Sector-D, LDA Colony)

12 May 2019

Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It’s not a federal holiday, but Mother’s Day is widely celebrated as a special day to honor all mothers and motherhood. Together, let’s honor the women who raised us—and all the mothers who sacrificed for their children.